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Audi Maintenance in Marietta, GA

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Keeping Your Audi Maintenance on Schedule

Audi recommends minor maintenance services every 10,000 miles, and standard maintenance services happen every 20,000 miles. More services are recommended at other milestones in the life of your Audi, but the critical ones are often at the 10 and 20 thousand marks. The maintenance schedule is complex and time-consuming to keep up with, which is why you need the certified technicians at Eurofed Automotive in Marietta, GA, to help you keep up with it. Our certified German car technicians are happy to work with you to get you onto a regular maintenance schedule and keep you there. Your Audi will drive better and last longer when you keep it on the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. Why not give the Eurofed Automotive team a call today, and talk with our customer service advisors about your Audi’s maintenance service needs?