On this edition of Eurofed Builds we begin the process of creating a dream Audi build for one of our clients. Here in the states we weren’t as blessed with the choices of fast Audi wagons like our friends have had overseas for years. For us they are a forbidden fruit that we can only dream of owning. And such was the story for our client and his A4 Avant!

The idea behind this build is to take his 2.0t powered Audi A4 Quattro Avant and swap in the supercharged 3.0L V6 drivetrain from a S4 Sedan. Thus essentially turning this A4 into the B8 S4 Avant that wasn’t sold to us in the United states. Along with the addition of performance upgrades to maximize the performance potential of the 3.0t platform reliably.

What Has Been Done So Far?

Thus far the 3.0t and entirety of the drivetrain has been removed from the S4 sedan donor vehicle and being prepped for re-installation into the avant. While the 3.0T was out of the vehicle our certified Audi technician has replaced all normal wear maintenance items. This includes all new oil seals/gaskets and performing a timing chain service.

This is done to make sure the engine is in the best running condition and fully refreshed for its new home in the Avant. After the engine was given a full refresh it was now to be outfitted with performance modifications. Performance upgrades include B8/B8.5 S4 CTS turbo supercharger pullies to allow the supercharger to make more boost and a custom Eurofed Stage 2 tune to turn the extra boost into increased horsepower.

Next stage of the Build 

The next stage of the build is mating the now fully refreshed Audi S4 3.0t and dual-clutch transmission to the A4 Avant. Finalizing the physical 3.0T swap on this A4 Avant. Once it has been fully installed begins the tedious process of installing the wiring harness and making it function with the Avant shell. On top of that the rear subframe and suspension from the S4 Avant will be swapped in along with a set of Bilstein coil overs.

Make sure to stay tuned for future installments of this epic B8 S4 Avant build process. You can also keep with our video series of this S4 Avant and other Eurofed builds on the Eurofed YouTube channel!

Where Can I Have Performance Modifications Installed On My Audi At a Shop Near Me?

At Eurofed Automotive we offer performance solutions for Audi’s with a variety of options from the top performance vendors in the industry and multiple locations across the American Southeast.

Contact your local Eurofed to learn more about our industry leading performance solutions.

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