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600HP Big Turbo Audi S3 | Part 2 | Eurofed Builds

On this addition of Eurofed builds we check back on the big turbo S3. For this build our client had tasked our performance team with creating the ultimate Audi S3 that is capable of producing at minimum 600HP on pump gas.  However the challenge was not only in producing the necessary amount of horsepower. This […]

How To Build A Big Turbo Audi RS3/TTRS

When Audi debuted the latest iteration of its 5-cylinder turbo-charged all-wheel drive drivetrain, enthusiasts rejoiced! For many audi enthusiasts our love for the brand was sparked by the iconic Audi S1 quattro of the infamous group B rally era. One of it’s most defining characteristics was its 5-cylinder turbo engine that sounded unlike any other […]

AMS Alpha 12 Twin-Turbo Audi R8

AMS Performance has always been the go-to vendor for high-performance packages. With years of experience in the automotive performance field they have developed packages which include upgraded turbos, intercoolers and supporting modifications of the highest quality.  Their latest offering is the Audi R8 Alpha 12 twin turbo package combined with MoTeC ECU’s. The Alpha 12 […]

600HP Big Turbo 2.0T Audi S3 PT: 1 | Eurofed Builds

On this addition of Eurofed Builds we begin the process of equipping an Audi S3 with the Garret G3-770 big turbo kit from PAG parts along with a fully built 2.0T EA888. The idea behind this build is to maximize the performance capabilities of the 2.0t EA88 engine, DSG dual clutch transmission and quattro all-wheel […]

B8 S4 Avant Build PT: 2 | Eurofed Builds

On this addition of Eurofed Builds we catch up with the progress that has been made on the Audi A4 Avant that is having a supercharged 3.0T engine and dual clutch drivetrain swapped in. Last we checked the 3.0t was removed from the S4 Sedan donor and being prepped for its new home. That prep […]

B8 S4 Avant Build PT: 1

On this edition of Eurofed Builds we begin the process of creating a dream Audi build for one of our clients. Here in the states we weren’t as blessed with the choices of fast Audi wagons like our friends have had overseas for years. For us they are a forbidden fruit that we can only […]