On this addition of Eurofed builds we begin one of our most extensive BMW builds to date. The build begins with a BMW M2 Competition, a 2-seater rear wheel drive sports coupe powered by a twin turbocharged straight-6 S55 engine. The same engine that you get in the BMW M4 but producing 405HP from the factory. These vehicles already offer an exceptional driving experience from the factory. However that is only a fraction of what this platform is capable of. With enhancements made to certain key areas it transforms these M2’s into exceptional drivers cars with a lot of power!

The idea behind this build is to essentially create the ultimate M2 show/track car. Be able to offer epic levels of performance on any track and then be an absolute show-stopper at any weekend car shows. Our job was to find that perfect balance between the two disciplines.

What has been done so far?


The vehicle has been outfitted with a full Airlift Performance air suspension with the 3H air management. The benefit of going performance air suspension is that it is able to offer the same levels of performance you’d expect from a performance coil over. Then at the push of a button you can slam the vehicle to the ground and give it a stunning stance.

It is a common misconception that air suspension is “floaty” or “bouncy”. In the early days this was the case but the latest offerings from manufacturers like Air-Lift have been developed with the performance focused enthusiast customer in mind. Being able to offer that perfect balance of show and go.


While a full engine build of the S55 with upgraded Stage 2 Pure Turbos is planned for the second stage of this build, the first engine performance modifications being outfitted to the vehicle is a full Eventuri carbon fiber intake, charge pipes, and a Methanol Injection system.

The Eventuri Intake and charge pipes are designed to offer an aerodynamically efficient airflow path from the filter to the turbos. The easier and more efficient it is for air to enter and exit your engine makes it easier to produce more power with other supporting modifications. The intake system from Eventuri will have no issues supplying a sufficient amount of air flow to the upgraded Pure stage 2 turbos.

The benefit of a methanol injection system is that as methanol is sprayed through the intake manifold it drastically lowers the temperature of the air flowing into the pistons. Colder air is denser which means it holds a lot more densely packed oxygen atoms. The more oxygen within the air/fuel mixture going into the cylinder translates to a more powerful ignition. In simple terms colder air means a lot more power.


Along with a rear-seat delete this M2 is being outfitted with a plethora of M Performance touches, including M performance floor mats, and a beautiful set of Recaro Pole position seats. These seats offer a more structured seating position that will allow you to stay firmly in your seat as the car pushes you from side to side in the corners. On top of that they offer a simple but beautiful change to the interior.


For the exterior the customer spared no expense on outfitting the vehicle with every M Performance carbon exterior addition that is offered. This gives the M2 an unrivaled OEM+ aesthetic but still be wild in its own right.

Next stage of the Build 

The next stage of the build is all performance. Once the M2 is back in the shop the S55 will be getting completely torn down and the motor build with forged internals will begin. With a fully built S55, Pure Stage 2 turbos, VRSF downpipes and Meth Injection this M2 Competition is going to be a beat sin its own right very soon!

Make sure to stay tuned for future installments of this epic BMW M2 competition build process. You can also keep with our video series of this M2 and other Eurofed builds on the Eurofed YouTube channel!

Where can I have performance modifications installed on my BMW at a shop near me?

At Eurofed Automotive we offer performance solutions for BMWs with a variety of options from the top performance vendors in the industry.

Contact your local Eurofed to learn more about our industry leading performance solutions

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