BMW M3 Preventative Maintenance E90/E92/E93 S65 Motor

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BMW M3 Preventative Maintenance E90/E92/E93 S65 Motor


Rod-Bearing Service

BMW has made some of the most iconic naturally aspirated engines, such as the high revving S65 V8 out of the E90/E92/E93 BMW M3. However their Achilles-heel is the engine's rod bearings. Higher mileage BMW M3 rod bearings will continue to wear down to a point of failure and will compromise the engine.

Luckily this is a failure point that is completely preventable with the affordable services offered at all 13 of our Eurofed locations!

Services such as a black stone oil analysis can be done during any oil change service we perform on your vehicle. One of our BMW-Certified Technicians will provide a full health assessment of your rod-bearings and gauge when would be the appropriate time to have a BMW rod-bearing service performed.

The BMW M3 rod-bearing service through Eurofed is a form of preventative maintenance. Contact your local Eurofed to learn more about preventative and affordable services.

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