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BMW manufactures some of the most enjoyable cars to drive that offer the perfect balance of performance and luxury. However, BMW’s have also made a name for themselves for needing their fair share of maintenance and repair.  The most common issue above all is oil leaks. For many BMW owner’s it’s more of a question […]


What is VANOS? VANOS is a German abbreviation for an engine technology which was designed to enhance the efficiency of BMW intake performance via variable camshaft timing. This bit of technology is responsible for streamlining engine timing by opening intake valves more efficiently, altering camshaft and drive gear position. Essentially it is a form of […]

The Value of A Pre-Purchase Inspection

Purchasing a new vehicle can be a very stressful and expensive experience for many. This is especially true when the vehicle you have just purchased is no where near the condition you were promised it was in when you left the dealer. This is a very common issue that can be easily avoided with a […]

BMW M3 Preventative Maintenance E90/E92/E93 S65 Motor

BMW has made some of the most iconic naturally aspirated engines, such as the high revving S65 V8 out of the E90/E92/E93 BMW M3. However their Achilles-heel is the engine’s rod bearings. Higher mileage BMW M3 rod bearings will continue to wear down to a point of failure and will compromise the engine. Luckily this […]

Fixing Your BMW’s HVAC Blower

Summer heat waves seem to be the time when something goes wrong with our air conditioning systems in our cars. At Eurofed Automotive, we are experts at fixing automobiles, including HVAC systems. In this article, we’ll discuss some problems that happen with your vehicle’s HVAC system as well as some tips to fix them. Common Heating and Air Conditioning […]


A shop full of BMW’s both new and old is a heavenly sight for us here at Johns Creek🤤😍 ! Find out for yourself why so many fellow owners trust us their BMW’s Services We Offer for BMW Carbon Cleaning Services Oil Leak Repairs VANOS Service Timing Service Check Engine Light Diagnostic Brake Service Clutch Service […]

BMW Repair Services – Fixing the Ignition Coil

Once you have had the experience of driving a BMW, there is a chance you may not be interested in any other brand. This is mainly because BMWs are very reliable cars – something every BMW owner can attest to. However, like every other  brand, some models are less reliable than others due to  certain components that […]