BMW manufactures some of the most enjoyable cars to drive that offer the perfect balance of performance and luxury. However, BMW’s have also made a name for themselves for needing their fair share of maintenance and repair.

The most common issue above all is oil leaks. For many BMW owner’s it’s more of a question of “when my BMW will have an oil leak” rather than “if my BMW is leaking oil”. Making sure your BMW is oil leak free is critical to the vehicle’s reliability.

A vehicle’s oil is a critical component to a multitude of systems within the engine. The oil must provide an ample amount of lubrication and cooling for all of the engine’s moving parts. When an oil leak arises and starts to severely lower the amount of oil in your engine, it could cause a plethora of issues and even end in the failure of the engine as a whole.

What are the most common BMW oil leak repairs?

  • Valve cover replacement service
  • BMW oil pan gasket replacement service
  • BMW valve stem seal service
  • Rear main seal replacement service
  • VANOS service
  • Oil filter housing gasket replacement service

How can I help prevent an oil leak on my BMW?

The most effective is keeping your oil change intervals on a strict and consistent schedule. We recommend having an oil change service performed every 5,000 miles. This allows for fresh oil to remain in the system more frequently and not contribute to drying out engine seals like older used oil can do.

Furthermore. with consistent oil changes comes routine inspections by a certified BMW technicians. At Eurofed Automotive we offer courtesy multi-point inspections on every vehicle we service, BMW included. With more frequent inspections, it allows one of our factory trained technicians to catch an oil leak early before it becomes a much more costly issue.

Click here to learn more about your car’s factory schedule maintenance.

Where can I have an oil leak repaired at an auto shop near me?

You can have your BMW’s oil leak diagnosed and repaired by a dealer-certified technician at any of our convenient local Eurofed automotive locations across the American southeast.

Contact your local Eurofed to learn more about the cost-effective European automotive services that we provide.

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