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Brake Services

Your vehicle’s brakes are responsible for slowing down and/or bringing your vehicle to a complete stop. This is important for regular use but absolutely essential during any emergency situation on the road. Understanding the condition of your vehicle’s braking system and how it functions is paramount to ensuring the safety of yourself and everyone else […]

Brake Fluid Service

What is a Brake Fluid Service? Your vehicle’s brakes operate as a hydraulic system using brake fluid and pressure to provide the force necessary to slow down. As you press on the brake pedal to slow down, the brake fluid is pressurized and exerted to the four corners of the car via brake lines. When […]

Transmission Service

What Is a Transmission service? Every modern internal-combustion powered automobile is equipped with a transmission. The transmission is responsible for transmitting the power generated by the engine to the wheels. This is done by a variety of moving and interchanging gears with specific gear ratios for specific speed ranges. To allow the gears to move […]

When To Change Your Tires

Your vehicle’s tires are often the most overlooked maintenance item. However your tires are also one of the most important components of your car. They are the only part of the automobile that makes physical contact with the ground. If your tires are not able to provide optimal performance it can negatively affect every aspect […]

Sprinter/Transit Van Services

For many businesses the Dodge/Ram/Mercedes Sprinter Van and/or the Ford Transit van is an invaluable asset for conducting business. They offer a great deal of space and versatility that make it the perfect tool for a variety of industries.  However, being such a useful vehicle means miles will add up quickly from all that use. […]

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

What Is a Service interval? When a vehicle is designed and engineered by a manufacturer, they create a maintenance schedule for the lifetime care of the vehicle. The maintenance schedule marks particular services that are suggested by the manufacturer to be performed on the vehicle at certain mileage or time to insure its reliability.  When […]

Alignment Service

The alignment services by Eurofed Automotive is a form of routine maintenance for your vehicle’s suspension that also maximizes your tire life to save you money down the road