How to Avoid Metal Shavings in Your Porsche’s Oil

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How to Avoid Metal Shavings in Your Porsche’s Oil

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Porsche owners possess an automobile that is known for horsepower, seductive designs, and posh interiors. Even so, anything mechanical needs to be properly maintained to sustain its purpose. If a Porsche owner fails to perform routine maintenance, they may discover metal shavings in their car’s oil.

One might wonder how metal shavings get into oil, especially if their Porsche is newer and doesn’t have a lot of mileage on it. Owners may not expect that such trivial problems to surface until the car is much older and only if it isn’t well-maintained.

However, minor issues like contaminants in your oil can become a big problem, even if the car is at the beginning of its lifespan. Therefore, even if you are a brand new Porsche driver, it is helpful to be able to recognize the reasons why you may find metal shavings in your oil pan and what you should do if you ever encounter this common problem with your Porsche. In the article below, we’ll discuss these reasons and give you some advice as to how to avoid the problem in the future.

Why are there metal shavings in my Porsche’s oil?

There are a myriad of reasons why metal shavings can appear in your oil. One simple reason is your choice of gas and oil. Quality is the key. Some Porsche owners try to skimp on cheap oil in their car, but this can easily exacerbate the problem. Both gas and oil can be thought of almost like a person’s diet. If you are constantly consuming low-quality foods with over-processed ingredients, your energy level will deteriorate and you won’t function at your best. The same concept applies to your high-performance automobile. If you constantly put low-quality oil into your engine and feed is gasoline with contaminants, your Porsche will not operate to its maximum potential. This could even harm your engine and its components, leading you to spend money on expensive repairs when you could have avoided this by applying a few extra dollars to quality oil and gasoline.

Another reason why metal shavings might appear in your oil is general wear and tear of your engine. Small oil flakes can shed if the engine and motor is being pushed beyond its limits on a frequent basis without proper maintenance. This will manifest into full engine failure if you are not careful. Change your oil often. This is of utmost importance when you own an expensive import with a high-performance engine.

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Sometimes, simple fixes will not take care of the issues cropping up within your automobile. You must take your car to experts to diagnose the problem and come up with a solution so these issues are fixed and your Porsche can resume it’s designed level of functioning.

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