Signs and Symptoms


One of the most obvious signs that your fuel pump may be on the fritz is low fuel efficiency. The latest models of Porsche will achieve a respectable 19-23 miles per gallon with hybrid models achieving a much higher 45 miles. However, any dip in efficiency that reaches below 15 miles per gallon or even as low as 10 miles when driving normally should be a clear sign that your Porsche’s fuel pump is leaking. Even if the fuel pump isn’t to blame, this issue needs to be investigated because there’s definitely a leak somewhere. Therefore, when you experience poor fuel economy, you should always err on the side of caution and seek professional diagnostic work.


Noticing droplets of fuel under your car is probably the most obvious sign that your Porsche is dealing with fuel pump leaks. Unless the issue is incredibly severe, you are unlikely to notice a stream of fuel coming from your Porsche. You will, however, notice drips or a small puddle on the ground under your Porsche when you park overnight. You may also smell the gas that is leaking. As gas is flammable, it is essential that you seek a fast remediation of this problem.

Causes of Fuel Pump Leaks

In their design, fuel pumps have a small hole in the bottom of their unit which is known as the weep hole. The weep hole allows excess fuel from leaking internal mechanism to escape which then alerts the driver of a problem. The pump is connected to a metal tube and a rubber hose. Over time, the metal tube can start to rust and leak, and the rubber hose may also deteriorate. Fuel leaks may also be caused by damage to the vehicle either from harsh driving conditions, accidents, or time and use.

The Importance of Fuel Pump Repair

Gas is highly flammable, and as your car has a lot of moving and electrical parts which generate a lot of heat, friction, and sparks, driving a car with a leaking fuel pump is very dangerous. Even if it exits your vehicle, the leaked gas is still a danger to other motorists. Therefore, as a responsible driver, it is your duty to make sure that your vehicle is safe not just to drive but also safe for those around you. So, if you spot or even just suspect a fuel pump leak, it is your duty to deal with the problem swiftly.

Fuel pumps are an expensive but essential part of your Porsche. Should your vehicle require a full replacement, it is important to seek professional help for a proper inspection and diagnosis before the price of repairs can be assessed.

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