Volkswagen DSG Service


What is a DSG Transmission?

Since 2004 the Volkswagen Auto Group, VAG, has outfitted a number of their models with a dual-clutch transmission known as the DSG, Direct Shift-Gearbox, or S-tronic for Audi models. The DSG transmission offers a quicker and more direct gear change than you could have in a traditional automatic or manual transmission. This is thanks to the addition of a second clutch that gets the next gear ready for use at the press of a paddle.

What models come with a DSG/S Tronic transmission?

  • (2004 – 2010) MK5 GTI, R32
  • (2010 – 2014) MK6 GTI
  • (2015 – 2021) MK7 Golf sportwagen, Golf Alltrack, GTI, Golf R
  • (2022 – Present) MK8 GTI, Golf R
  • (2006 – 2013) 8P Audi A3
  • (2014 – Present) 8V Audi A3, S3, RS3
  • (2006 – 2014) 8J Audi TT, TTS
  • (2015-2021) 8S Audi TT, TTS, TTRS

When do I need to do a DSG service?

At Eurofed automotive we recommend having DSG transmission service performed every 40,000 miles. The same 40,000 mile service interval also applies to the S tronic transmission service.

The transmission service includes our dealer certified mechanic changing the transmission fluid and DSG filter. During the service our Volkswagen mechanic will perform a courtesy multipoint inspection on the entirety of the vehicle to ensure it is up to date on all of its factory scheduled service and other preventative maintenance..

Where can I have a shop perform a DSG service near me?

You can have an DSG service performed by a dealer-certified technician at any of our 13 Eurofed locations backed by a 2 year/ 24,000 mile warranty.

Can I tune my DSG for better performance?

Yes you can! On top of keeping your transmission serviced Eurofed offers tunes for your DSG equipped Volkswagen from a variety of industry leading performance vendors such as APR and Unitronic.

The benefit of a APR DSG tune is that it fully optimizes the performance potential of your DSG/S Tronic equipped VW/Audi. When coupled with a Stage 1 APR tune it further unlocks the performance of your vehicle with increased horsepower and torque.

The DSG service by Eurofed automotive is a form of routine maintenance for your DSG equipped VW/Audi vehicle.

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