WHY2K 2021


What Is Why2k?

Why2k is an automotive event that is curated to cars only made from 1980-2009. This is an era of vehicles that have exploded in popularity in recent years due to their ability to bring out nostalgic emotions and offer an engaging driving experience that cannot be matched by cars made today. So it was only natural that events such as this have surged in popularity.

The event is held on the famous Atlanta Motorsports Park track with the vehicles being showcased on the main straight, with vendors such as ourselves and Liqui Moly, and into the next half of the track.

For the Eurofed booth, we brought out a handful of our favorite builds from our favorite era. As always we brought out a few of our own Porsche builds to the affair such as our 997.1 GT3RS, 997.2 GT3 and our widebody 993 build.

The 993 Wide body was definitely a crowd favorite, ours included. For us the 993 was our first true build where we built it from the chassis up with no detail left unnoticed. The interior is done in full suede including the roll cage. We only utilized the best suspension in the business, Motion Control Suspension, to make sure those beautiful Rotiform 3-piece RSE stay firmly planted on the ground. Then finally to truly set our 993 apart we fitted it with a genuine Porsche GT2 flare kit but had the flares cut and extended by 3 inches on each side.

On top of that we brought our Mk4 Golf build that features Airlift suspension, BBS LM wheels, a Neuspeed supercharger kit and a plethora of OEM plus modifications.


In sum Why2k was proof that the 80,90s & early 2000’s was one of the greatest eras of automobiles and should continue to be celebrated as such! We definitely see more shows like Why2k popping up in the future and can’t wait to be a part of them.

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To learn more about Why2k visit https://www.why2k.net/

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