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On this addition of Eurofed builds we check back on the big turbo S3. For this build our client had tasked our performance team with creating the ultimate Audi S3 that is capable of producing at minimum 600HP on pump gas.

However the challenge was not only in producing the necessary amount of horsepower. This is to be the clients daily driver, that upgraded performance needs to have everyday reliability and drivability with minimum sacrifices. That means taking every aspect of the Audi S3’s power train into account and upgrading where necessary. With that challenge in mind the big turbo kit of choice was the Garret G3-770 Big turbo kit from PAG parts. (see parts list below)

Last time we saw the S3 it was completely disassembled and we went over what parts are necessary for building a 600HP+ Audi S3. Fast forward the S3 has been fully assembled with a fully built 2.0T by our Audi technicians and a base-line tune from EQT was uploaded to allow the motor to be broken in.

Here we discuss the importance of utilizing proper engine break-in procedures when building a high performance engine and the overall fitment of the Garret G3-770 Big turbo kit from PAG parts.

What Does It Mean To Break-in a Built High-Performance Engine? 

When assembling a built performance engine with new forged internals you are essentially building a brand new engine. While the parts are stronger and more reliable than what was originally utilized from the factory, they need time to adjust and settle to use. The internals of an engine, especially one making 600HP, endure a lot of stress from combustion. If a built motor is not properly broken-in it can vastly increase the potential of premature engine failure down the road.

How to break-in a built engine?

The basis of the break-in procedure is driving the vehicle for at least 500 miles and not putting excessive stress on the engine.

  1. Change gear at a low RPM
  2. Do not floor the accelerator
  3. Avoid short trips

How long does the engine break-in procedure take?

Typically it is recommended that the vehicle is to be driven in the manner specified above for about 1000 miles. After the 1000 miles period, an oil change service is performed by a certified automotive technician. The oil from the initial build and break-in process is analyzed.

The condition of the oil will dictate the overall health of the engine and if performance engine break-in procedures had been done. Once the engine is deemed ready for extra load by our certified european performance technicians you can engine your fully built engine and all of its extra horsepower

Fit And Finish Of The Build

Our service advisor Seth noted that no modifications were needed for the overall fitment of the Audi S3 big turbo kit from Pag parts. The assembly process was as easy as putting together a factory engine. The only modifications done for fitment was on the intake to make room for the APR catch can

Driving Impressions Of The Build

While the engine is still currently in the break-in process, that does not allow our team to fully test the performance capabilities of the new set up. However it does present the opportunity of driving the vehicle extensively under low load, such as you would on your normal daily commute. This goes back to creating a high horsepower audi S3 with the everyday drivability and ease of that does not yield any drawbacks. Therefore creating the perfect test for the initial challenge of the build

Up to this point the big turbo Audi S3 operates exactly as you would expect any normal S3. The only indication from the driver’s seat that the vehicle has been extensively modified is the increased exhaust note from the Milltek performance exhaust and a slight vibration under deceleration due to the upgraded Black Forest Industries engine mounts.

Big Turbo S3 Parts and Supporting Modifications

Where Can I Have Performance Modifications Installed On My Audi At A Shop Near Me?

At Eurofed Automotive we offer performance solutions for Audi’s with a variety of options from the top performance vendors in the industry from our multiple locations across the American Southeast.

Contact your local Eurofed to learn more about our industry leading performance solutions.

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