On this addition of Eurofed Builds we catch up with the progress that has been made on the Audi A4 Avant that is having a supercharged 3.0T engine and dual clutch drivetrain swapped in. Last we checked the 3.0t was removed from the S4 Sedan donor and being prepped for its new home. That prep included replacing all gaskets, sealants, and timing chains to make sure all needed preventative maintenance is done.

The idea behind this build is to take our client’s 2.0t powered Audi A4 Quattro Avant and swap in the supercharged 3.0L V6 drivetrain from a S4 Sedan. Thus essentially turning this A4 into the B8 S4 Avant that wasn’t sold to us in the United states. Along with the addition of performance upgrades to maximize the performance potential of the 3.0t platform reliably.

What Has Been Done So Far Now?

Thus far the 2.0t has been removed from the A4 Avant and set aside. In its place, the 3.0t engine along with the dual clutch transmission, rear differential and suspension has been physically installed into the A4 Avant chassis.

No modifications were needed to be done to the A4 Avant chassis in order to fit the S4 drivetrain and suspension. The B8 chassis was designed with the intention of having multiple powerplant options and manufacturing as cost effective as possible to allow for all to fit easily to the same chassis. However that concludes the “easy” part of the swap. Next up begins the tedious process on wiring and programming!

Next Stage of the Build 

The next stage of the build is beginning the process of connecting and adapting the 3.0t engine wire harness & ECU to the Avant chassis in a manner that will allow them to operate harmoniously. On top of that the S4 Avant will be outfitted with Bilstein B16 Coilovers to bring the suspension up to par with the performance we expect the engine to put out. When the wiring is sound and the suspension is sorted, the S4 will be outfitted with a custom Eurofed Tune to maximize the increased boost generated by the S4 CTS turbo supercharger pulleys.

Where Can I Have Performance Modifications Installed On My Audi At a Shop Near Me?

At Eurofed Automotive we offer performance solutions for Audi’s with a variety of options from the top performance vendors in the industry and multiple locations across the American Southeast.

Contact your local Eurofed to learn more about our industry leading performance solutions.

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