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Volkswagen Repair in Duluth, Georgia

Keeping Your Beloved VW in Good Repair

The People’s Repair Shop for The People’s Car

No matter the age of the Volkswagen you drive, you likely know that the manufacturer’s name translates from German into English as “The People’s Car.” That’s because the first VW’s designed were basic, affordable transportation that was reliable yet affordable to most families. These cars have come a long way since their development in the 1930s, but they all need occasional repair no matter the year model. At Eurofed Automotive in Duluth, Georgia, we want to be “The People’s Repair Shop ” for Volkswagens. In keeping with that original intended meaning, we offer reliable repairs that allow you to save both time and money because we are an alternative to the dealership’s garage. We’re easy to reach at one of our 14 locations. Stop by, use our online scheduling tool, or call us at (470) 866-6482 to arrange a service or repair visit for your Volkswagen.

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