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Understanding Audi’s Maintenance Schedule

The more you drive, the more your vehicle is exposed to wear and tear. Even if you don’t drive very often, you’ll still end up needing repairs. If you want to avoid damages and keep your Audi in peak condition, you’ll need to make sure you bring it in for routine maintenance. Car manufacturers outline specific maintenance schedules so you know when and what your vehicle needs. Audi specifically has an alternating schedule that consists of two parts: minor and standard maintenance. You’ll start with minor maintenance after your first year/10,000 miles (whichever comes first), and you’ll alternate between it and standard maintenance every year or 10,000 miles (again, whichever comes first). At your minor maintenance visit, technicians will change your engine oil and oil filter, check your tire repair kit (if equipped), check your brake system, conduct a multipoint inspection, and reset the service reminder display. Your standard maintenance visit will include these same services. Still, it will include additional items, such as performing a road test, changing the brake fluid, checking internal/external lights, and many more. At various intervals, you may also need other services, such as replacing spark plugs, the engine air filter, the valve cover, the cabin microfilter, your key fob battery, and in diesel engines, the fuel filter. Many people have these maintenance services performed at their local dealership, but if you want a better experience, visit Eurofed Auto Repair in Charlotte, NC. Our South End location offers better pricing for the same meticulous standards, so visit our shop today — 5410 Old Pineville Rd, Charlotte, NC 28217.

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