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Is the 997 GT3/GT3RS the highlight of the watercooled era??

Built off the bones of the 996 Generation which was famously infamous for ditching the tried and true air-cooled power plant to make room for a water-cooled flat-6 engine. Naturally with any newly implemented German technology, there are some growing pains that follows.

But through the lessons of the 996 came the iconic 997 generation. A properly retro-futuristic design that became instantly timeless that drove even better than it looked.

But then came the GT range of 997 911’s that completely changed the game! A literal race car for the street that makes anyone feel like they are factory Porsche racing driver.

After spending some time with our buddy Phu’s Breathtaking white GT3 and our very own 997.1 GT3RS we think we could turn just about anyone into a believer‼ They offer such a dynamic and almost spiritual driving experience that you would be hard pressed to find in most sports cars today!

That is why we take such pride in servicing and keeping icons such as these on the road for future generations to experience, learn and enjoy!


– Will Bofill,

Eurofed Marketing Director

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