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“Increase your cars performance in its own bespoke form”

Introducing Atlanta‘s premier automotive fabrication and performance facility, Eurofed Performance.

Whether you are looking to have us create a custom exhaust system, high-flow downpipes, intercooler piping, or even a fully legal spec roll cage our team of fabricators is here to create your dream build!

Why would I need custom fabrication services?

When it comes to most high-horsepower builds running a custom big turbo kit, many pieces of the build will need to be created to allow for an efficient use of engine bay space and reliable performance. 

If you plan to take your exceptionally powerful build to the track, such as Atlanta Dragway, a roll cage is another necessity that you will need to pass tech inspection. Our staff has the tools to create any roll cage for any type of racing discipline such as drag racing, time attack and more. Staying within regulation standards of the FIA, NASA, IMSA etc.

How does the Eurofed Fabrication process work if i would like a custom set of downpipes made for my car?

Check our latest Youtube video where we highlight our entire fabrication process in-depth.

The Eurofed Automotive custom fabrication service begins with having your vehicle brought in to our facility for an inspection and consultation with our team. During the consultation process we will create a game plan based on your specific requests to fabricate a set of downpipes that will not only increase your cars performance, but in a design that is unique to your own vehicle.

On top of that you have the choice of which material you’d like to have used. We offer stainless steel as a choice that is strong, dependable and more budget friendly. Then for maximum performance we also offer titanium piping, provided by Ticon industries, that is both lightweight and dissipates heat efficiently. 

Once the downpipe design is approved by you, we have a selection of performance tunes to utilize. With the variety of performance software vendors available such as Unitronic, APR and DME Tuning we will be able to maximize the performance potential of the higher exhaust flow of the Eurofed performance downpipes.

What if I would like to buy a set of Eurofed downpipes online and have them installed at another location?

On-top of our bespoke fabrication service we will also have a range of high-flow performance downpipes in production and available for a variety of European vehicles such as; Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, Lamborghini and More!

Every one of our performance downpipes are developed, designed and manufactured to fit exactly the same as your factory downpipe while offering unrestricted exhaust flow which equates to more performance gains.  

All of the available Eurofed performance downpipes in stock will be purchasable on our online store with the option to have it delivered to any of our 13 locations or to your doorstep!

Eurofed Performance is your one-stop fabrication shop that is here to help bridge that gap for you to make your dream build a possibility. Whether you would like a custom high flow down-pipe, race-legal roll cage, intercooler piping our team can create it and more.

Contact Your Nearest Eurofed Location to learn more about or metal fabrication services.

Unitronic Authorized Dealer

Largest Authorized Unitronic Dealer in the South East

Unitronic is a global leader in performance aftermarket products for Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche and Lamborghini . Unitronic develops and manufactures industry leading performance hardware, software, calibration & data-logging tools for engine and transmission controllers. Available performance products include intakes, exhaust systems, intercoolers, turbo inlets, turbocharger systems and more.

All products are designed to work harmoniously which allow our clients to progressively upgrade their vehicle’s performance at their own convenience. From a stage 1 ECU flash tune to a full stage 3 big turbo they are all designed to perform seamlessly and issue-free.  

Eurofed is a proud authorized dealer of Unitronic products with the ability to have them conveniently installed at any of our 13 convenient locations through our factory trained technicians. 

This Audi RS3 was outfitted with a unitronic Stage 1+ ECU and TCU software tune upgrade to enhance the performance of that legendary 5-cylinder turbocharged 07k EVO engine. 

With the Stage 1+ ECU tune this Audi RS3 is expected to make 505HP & 496TQ which translates to +105HP and +142TQ over the stock performance. Visit for dyno data and full measured values on their products.

Eurofed is the largest Unitronic Dealer in the southeast with the ability to provide reliable performance modifications to Volkswagen, Audi, Lamborghini and Porsche vehicles.

Contact your local Eurofed to see how we can unlock your vehicle’s performance potential.

AMS Performance Authorized Dealer

Eurofed Is Now an Authorized AMS Performance Dealer and Installer.

AMS Performance specializes in performance for turbocharged vehicles. Upgraded turbos, Intercoolers and supporting modifications or components of the highest quality are just a few products offered through the company. AMS is the industry leader for reliable engine performance and transmission upgrades.


The AMS Alpha 12 Twin Turbo Package has been outfitted on our shop 2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus build. This turbo kit includes two GTX Garrett Turbos, SSP billet clutches and basket, dual fuel pumps and a stand alone MoTec engine management system. Check out our video below for a full in depth look at our AMS Alpha 12 Audi R8.

Eurofed is proud to have one of the first Audi R8’s with this Alpha 12 AMS package installed. Horsepower output is expected to be north of 1200 horsepower. Be sure to check out our AMS Alpha 12 Audi R8 V10 Plus at upcoming events and contact your local Eurofed location to shop AMS Performance parts.

600HP+ Unitronic Audi TTRS

The performance capabilities of cars today almost seem unreal. For most performance platforms just by merely installing a set of downpipes and a tune you are able to see gains of 100HP to even 200HP over stock without the need of additional supporting mods.

Just a decade and a half ago performance gains such as that would require a full engine build with reinforced internals to handle the extra power. However even at that point the reliability of those builds wasn’t exactly guaranteed and you would surely be a glutton for punishment if you attempted to daily drive a car built to that level of performance.

But then you fast forward to today where almost every single performance engine and drivetrain is overbuilt from factory which in turns leaves a lot left on the table for the aftermarket!

Which brings us to the Mk3 Audi TTRS, the fastest and last iteration of the TT that Audi plans to sell. Being powered by a 400HP 2.5L 5-cylinder turbocharged engine, internally called the 07K EVO, and put to the ground via a dual-clutch transmission it definitely is no slouch. However that is nearly just the tip of the iceberg for this platforms potentials.

You see Audi’s original claim to fame was there 5-cylinder turbocharged monsters, The Audi sport quattro, that obliterated the rest of the competition on various rally stages during the legendary group B era of the WRC. A theme of domination that later translated to the Trans-AM Series in America as well.

So when Audi had planned to bring back their fabled 5-Cylinder engines, they made it a point to make sure that new 2.5T EVO was worthy of carrying the torch and boy did they deliver! Because the performance capabilities of this platform are simply incredible.

Not only are the internals more than strong enough to handle a 50% increase in power with no need to be beefed up, but the fuel system is the real party trick of it all. For most engines they are equipped with one fuel injector per cylinder, while that is sufficient it does create a barrier for tuners to make power because the injectors with become maxed out and the engine will run out sufficient fuel delivery.

The beauty of the 07k EVO is that they come from factory with 2 injectors per cylinder which allows for a much higher ceiling for tuners to work with that in turn means much more potent tunes!

Which leads to our buddy Josh’s stunning TTRS that we recently completed at our Atlanta Store.
Thanks to the addition of the Unitronic Stage 2 kit, a set of Vargas Catch cans and some custom titanium intercooler piping created in-house by our fabrication team, this striking Audi TTRS is putting down a reliable and consistent 550HP on 93 octane and 620HP when filled with E85 fuel 🤯⁠⁠.

What’s more insane is that Josh could drive this monster everyday just like any other standard car with no compromises! Its only when you put the foot to the floor when you realize that this little TT could embarrass almost every single vehicle within a 5 mile radius.
This is by far one of the best dollar-per-performance values we have seen in modern cars and we highly recommend having it done if you have a 2.5T #07K EVO powered Audi! ⁠⁠Audi has truly given the enthusiast an opportunity to have their cake and eat it too!

– Will Bofill,

Marketing Director at Eurofed Automotive
◼Custom Titanium Intercooler Piping ⁠⁠
Unitronic Stage 2 ECU & TCU Tune ⁠⁠
◼ Unitronic Downpipe and Mid-pipe ⁠⁠
◼ Unitronic Carbon fiber intake with high-flow turbo inlet ⁠
Unitronic MPI Kit
◼ Unitronic Intercooler
◼ Vargasturbo Engine Oil Catch Can⁠⁠
◼ Vargasturbo DSG Catch Can

The 997 Porsche 911: A True Future Classic

Is the 997 GT3/GT3RS the highlight of the watercooled era??

Built off the bones of the 996 Generation which was famously infamous for ditching the tried and true air-cooled power plant to make room for a water-cooled flat-6 engine. Naturally with any newly implemented German technology, there are some growing pains that follows.

But through the lessons of the 996 came the iconic 997 generation. A properly retro-futuristic design that became instantly timeless that drove even better than it looked.

But then came the GT range of 997 911’s that completely changed the game! A literal race car for the street that makes anyone feel like they are factory Porsche racing driver.

After spending some time with our buddy Phu’s Breathtaking white GT3 and our very own 997.1 GT3RS we think we could turn just about anyone into a believer‼ They offer such a dynamic and almost spiritual driving experience that you would be hard pressed to find in most sports cars today! 

That is why we take such pride in servicing and keeping icons such as these on the road for future generations to experience, learn and enjoy!

– Will Bofill,

Eurofed Marketing Director


Toyota Supra Service Center
Toyota Service Scheduled Maintenance

We brought this beautiful new sports car a little closer to the ground with a set of H&R lowering springs. Now it not only has a nice stance, but also handles ever better than it did from the showroom floor ❗⁠⠀

This also gave us a chance to get up close and personal with the all new Supra‼⁠⠀
Overall, we must say it is a fairly well sorted car that still carries some of that classic Supra DNA no matter who really manufactured it. At the same time, given that it has a BMW B58 power plant, we are excited to see where we could go with one of these beauties performance wise.⁠⠀

What do you think of the new Supra??? Tell us down below in the comments. ⁠

If you would like to experience the EUROFED DIFFERENCE give us a call or send us an email for more information on our services or to schedule an appointment. To find a location nearest you check out our Home page for more information.

Written By: Will Bofill


VW MK7 GTI service center
Volkswagen APR TCU TUNE
MK7 GTI in for a TCU tune from APR 💪

What is a TCU tune⁉

It is a tune for your vehicle’s transmission, DSG In the Mk7’s case, which optimizes the performance, helps put the power down in a much more efficient manner, and improves the overall drivability.

Volkswagne MK7 GTI Performance Shop

When paired with the matching APR ECU tune it creates a fully optimized system that works together to maximize the capabilities of this platform!! We highly recommend a TCU tune with any APR – tuned VW that is DSG-equipped 👍

If your interested in any APR tuning products for your MK7 GTI or any other European vehicle, bring it to any of our Locations for all available options. To Experience the Eurofed Difference, schedule an Appointment and a service manager will respond as soon as possible.

Written By: Will Bofill


Audi RS3 APR Stage 2

Supercar Killer

Audi RS3 APR Stage 2

Our buddy _mowe_ brought his beautiful Ara Blue Crystal Audi RS3 in for a full APR Stage 2+ kit and Unitronic Software to be installed to unleash the potential of this wonderful platform.

The RS3 has quickly gained a cult following and for good reason. They are by far one of the most “mod-friendly” platforms Audi has ever made! The turbocharged 2.5l 5-cylinder is so overbuilt from factory that with just a few bolts, such as APR’s Stage 2+ kit, it will embarrass moth other cars on the road.

European performance shop

If you are ready to take your Audi RS3 to a Supercar Killer level simply fill out our Contact form. Check out our Audi Services page for more information on our services. If you have questions about the hardware and software used on this build give any of our locations a call.

Written By: Will Bofill


Audi TTRS APR Stage 2



Why do we trust and push APR? We do for two huge reasons, reliability and consistency. APR goes above and beyond with the R&D of their products to ensure that they can achieve OEM levels of reliability. With that level of development and quality you know that your vehicle will consistently perform as advertised no matter the conditions. That is why we do not only trust their products on our customer’s vehicles but on our own personal vehicles as well!

APR Parts List:

  • APR Inlet System (includes Intake Filter System and Turbocharger Inlet Pipe
  • APR Intercooler System
  • APR Cast Inlet Race Downpipe Exhaust System
  • APR Stage 2 ECU Tune (Engine)
  • APR TCU Tune (Transmission)

If you’re interested in taking your Audi TTRS to the next level, simply click HERE to schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable team members. If you want more information on these products visit APR’s website.