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Although the dealership is a great place that can facilitate your new car purchase, you’ll likely soon recognize the advantages of choosing an alternative facility for BMW repairs. Independent shops are often closer to your home or job, more convenient for you, and almost always less expensive. Don’t just choose any repair shop, however. Be sure the location you select is properly equipped and staffed to take care of your make of car. Also, be sure you get a guarantee to cover the work. At Eurofed Automotive, a BMW repair specialist and service center in Kennesaw, Georgia, we’ve got those points covered and more. Our technicians are certified and factory-trained. What’s more, they operate using the tools and equipment recommended by the manufacturer. Just as important, we take a genuine interest in you and your vehicle because we’re also European car enthusiasts. You’ll find us nearby at 2930 Georgebusbee Pkwy, Kennesaw, GA, 30144. Make your next appointment by calling (470) 866-6527 or using our convenient online scheduling feature.

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