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Mercedes-Benz Maintenance in Kennesaw, Georgia

Your Convenient, Reliable Dealership Alternative for Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Services

Take Care of Your Car and Yourself

You pampered yourself by selecting a Mercedes-Benz instead of basic transportation. Now you need to take care of your car. This is done, of course, by following the manufacturer’s recommended plan of preventive maintenance services. You can take care of both your automobile and yourself when you choose Eurofed Automotive in Kennesaw, Georgia, as your dealership alternative. We provide exceptional service for your transportation, but you’ll also benefit because we’re convenient (near where you live and/or work), less expensive (for comparable services), and willing to help you understand your car and what it needs. To schedule your next appointment for superior preventive maintenance, use our online scheduling feature or call us at470-412-6232. Then bring your Mercedes-Benz to our facility which is located at 2930 Georgebusbee Pkwy, Kennesaw, GA, 30144.