Buckhead Auto Repair Shop

Eurofed Buckhead is officially open for business and what better way to send it off than with a grand opening and cook out.

Buckhead Auto Repair Shop

With any of our new locations we can’t wait to give the community an intimate look at the shop, and our latest and greatest Buckhead location was no exception!

Buckhead Porsche Repair Shop

Thankfully we were blessed with nothing but perfect weather for the day! With that our parking lot and those surrounding were packed to the brim with spectators.

We are always so immensely surprised and humbled by the amount of support that we get from the community with any event that we hold. However, the Buckhead open house was by far our best turnout yet!

Audi Auto Repair Shop
Buckhead Auto Repair Shop

In classic Eurofed fashion the parking lots were packed with nothing bu variety. While there was a healthy dose of our excotic customers in attendence, such as our buddy Fin with his sinister Huracan. We also had everything from a lifted Volkswagen to our technician David May’s perfect E34 Wagon on BBS RS’s.

Buckhead european auto repair

Our friends from Liqui Moly were kind enough to cater the event by serving some delicious home-made burgers and bratwurst. This is just one of the reasons why Liqui Moly is one of our favorite partners in the business. No matter what we have planned, Liqui Moly is always there to help support us in any way possible.

Liqui Moly OIl change

During events such as these we get to showcase some ongoing builds that we are apart of like our buddy Dakari’s amazing E92 M3. With this M3 we have turned into what we think is the perfect example of what a E92 streetcar build should be fine. From the Volk TE37’s to the absolutely gorgeous Eventuri intake, this is one of our favorite M3 builds that we have been a part of. The best part is, we are nowhere near done with this one, and we can’t wait to show the finished product.

One thing we always take pride in with our shops is our cleanliness and presentability, and our Buckhead location is no exception. With this new location we decided to take it up a Notch. The most notable addition would be the use of epoxy floors. They add a level of professionalism that you would be hard pressed to find at any other independent shop. We always want our customers feel the cleanliness of the dealership without all the dealership service hassles.

Buckhead Porsche Service Center

The one aspect above all that we love about having open houses such as these is that it gives us the opportunity to help bring the car community closer together and grow. That has been one of our main priorities as a company since we opened our rst shop years ago.

If you would like to experience the EUROFED DIFFERENCE at our Buckhead Location give us a call or send us an email for more information on our services or to schedule an appointment. To find a location nearest you check out our Home page for more information.

Written By: Will Bofill